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Constelaciones (2020)

For flute, clarinet, violin, percussion, piano and cello

Duration: 9'30'' minutes

Performed by the National Sawdust Ensemble and the Constellation Chor

Constelaciones was commissioned by the National Sawdust's Hildegard Competition.

It was composed as an in-situ work based on the striking visual layout of the National Sawdust hall. The original version of the piece was created with a movement element: it required the clarinet, violin and flute players to do a series of carefully choreographed walks along the black lines of the venue whilst playing. These walks have a direct impact on the music that the rest of the ensemble plays.  

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, it was not possible for the players to do the walking parts during the premiere. Instead, members of the Constellation Chor performed the walks which was projected as a video during the premiere. 

The piece may be performed as either of the two formats. 

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