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Jimena Maldonado (b.1988) is a Mexican composer based in The Hague. Having also studied Photography, she is interested in combining these two disciplines in order to achieve alternative forms of both composing and presenting her work. Being interested in experimenting with the relationship between music and visual elements, Jimena’s work explores the way that they can be combined, how they can interact and influence each other and, ultimately, how this relationship impacts not only the piece itself, but also the audience’s perception of it. 

Jimena’s work has been performed by ensembles/musicians such as the Ligeti Quartet (UK), Jeffrey Zeigler (USA), Rohan de Saram (UK), Cuarteto José White (MX), Quinteto de Alientos de la Ciudad de México (MX), Cepromusic Ensemble (MX), Irvine Arditti (UK), Okest de Ereprijs (NL), and HD Duo (AUS), in events that include the Manuel Enríquez International Festival of New Music (MX), Le Tout-petit festival musical (FR), Open Circuit Festival (UK) and Aires Nacionales (MX), among others.

Jimena completed her Bachelor Studies in Composition and Music Theory at the Research and Music Studies Centre (CIEM), Mexico City and holds a Master’s Degree in Composition from the Royal Conservatory of The Hague. She is currently pursuing a PhD at the Birmingham Conservatoire, with the support of CONACYT-FINBA (MX).