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For viola da gamba and electronics

Intervened memory III

Intervened memory V

This project was born from the idea of creating a collaborative, multidisciplinary piece based on the series Yo soy mi casa (I am my house) by Mexican artist Cristian Pineda. This series is composed of 10 photographs which are digitally intervened by drawings. The photographs were taken by Cristian Pineda in Juchitán, Oaxaca after the earthquakes in September, 2017. According to the artist, the drawings which intervene the photographs were made as a way of imaginatively repopulating the places destroyed by the earthquakes.

The aim was to compose a piece where both visual and musical elements could be combined and presented together, creating a holistic audiovisual experience.

The result is a large scale work written for viola da gamba and electronics, each based on a different image of the Yo soy mi casa series. 


Intervened memory is the result of different processes of intervention, dialog, interpretation and improvisation; all based on Cristian Pineda’s work. The interaction and connection between the composers, performer, images, and electronics is an essential part of the creation, performance and, eventually, of the audience’s perception of the piece.

Excerpts of Intervened memory have been performed in Eupen, Belgium for Pineda's retrospective exhibition at the Alter Schlachthof Kulturzentrum Eupen in March 2019, St.Germain-de-Calberte, France in June 2019, and Paris as an installation version for Pineda's exhibition L'exode de L'humanité in 2020.

Viola da gamba: Israel Castillo

Electronics: Juan Luis Montoro

Images: Cristian Pineda


Performed by Israel Castillo Hernández (viola da gamba) and Juan Luis Montoro Santos (electronics)

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