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Observance of Light (2017)

Variable ensemble and video

Duration: 9 minutes

Performed by The Odd 7 ensemble (oboe, accordion, harp, percussion, viola, and double bass).

Observance of Light is written for 6 or 12 players, and video. Each instrument (or pair of intruments) reads from their own line of the video-score through the whole piece. The video-score is made of photographs that, along with a table of instructions, act as the score of the piece. This video-score is to be projected during the performance of the piece for both the audience and the players to see.

There are six movements, one for every photograph, which are named after fragments of haikus by Jack Kerouac. The order in which the movements can be played is free and interchangeable. The names of the movements put together form a verse (which changes depending on the chosen order). In this version of the piece, the order of the movements makes the following verse:


Four have fallen

above the lamplit house

waves for the breeze

in the tree shade

how many miles away?

two more drops

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