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Doctoral thesis: Synergising music and image – exploring a holistic sonic-visual bond through composition





The aim of this practice-based composition research is to investigate a range of potential connections between music and visual elements. The result is a portfolio of eight works which explore this music-visual synergy through diverse means and on different levels.

These explorations began with the decision to connect two facets of my professional and artistic practice –composition and photography– and from the desire to create works using both elements in a way in which both could be as intimately interconnected to each other as they are in my personal practice as both a composer and a photographer. I aim to integrate visual elements to my compositional process, as well as during the process of communicating and collaborating with performers. The presence of visual elements during the performance of a piece also plays an important role in some of my works. My intention when showing images during a performance is to enhance the perceptual experience (for the audience) and the interpretation of the piece (for the performers), thus creating a deeper visual-aural connection, and adding something that would not exist without the involvement of the visual elements.

Each of the submitted works explore different degrees of a synergetic relationship between visual and aural elements, and focus on how both mediums (aural and visual) can be combined, how they interact and influence each other, and the implications of these combinations within the process of constructing, performing, and eventually presenting a piece.


The pieces that comprise this portfolio include collaborations with performers and visual artists who contributed to the works from different perspectives and different views of the visual- musical connection.


Throughout the accompanying commentary, I examine different means of combining image and sound, and I offer an account of the works and ideas which have influenced my work. I also consider the basics of visual theory and show how I used these principles to create my image-based pieces, depending on the degree of music-visual connection of each of the composed works.

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